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What Is the Best Way to Care for Dental Implants in Garden City?

August 20, 2017

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smile and toothbrushIf you have missing teeth, you might be thinking about getting dental implants. They can restore your smile and your confidence, and they’re superior to traditional dentures in a number of ways. What more do you need to know about dental implants in Garden City, and how can you take care of them after your dentist installs them?

Dental Implants — All the Basics You Need to Know

The dental implant process begins when your dentist evaluates your jaw health to determine if you’re a good candidate for this type of tooth replacement. Once you get the green light, your dentist will surgically insert posts into your jaw that substitute as tooth roots. The posts are usually made of titanium. Over the next few months, your bone will naturally bond with the posts, creating a sturdy and permanent base for your new pearly whites.

Once your bone and gums are sufficiently healed after your dentist in Garden City inserts the implants, you’ll receive abutments for the implants. Abutments are the little pieces to which your pontic (artificial tooth) will be attached. Abutments may be made of titanium, but it is possible that other metals, such as gold or surgical stainless steel, will be used.

As the last step in the process, you’ll receive your new tooth or bridge. Different materials might be used to create your pontics, but porcelain and acrylic are a couple of the most common.

Caring for Your Dental Implants

Before you receive your artificial teeth, you’ll need to care well for your mouth so your surgical site heals well. Brush as you normally do, but be gentle around the surgical site. In the first days after you receive the implants, your dentist might prescribe a special mouthwash for you that will keep the site clean. Keep an eye out for any signs of infection, such as excess swelling, and report these to your dentist as soon as possible.

After you receive your artificial teeth, caring for your implants is easy. You can treat them just like you would natural teeth. Brush twice a day, floss regularly, and visit your dentist at least twice a year for checkups and cleanings.

Your new artificial teeth might eventually wear down and need to be replaced. However, they should last for several years — perhaps a decade or longer. To make your new pearly whites last as long as possible, be diligent about oral hygiene and try not to clench your jaw or grind your teeth.

Dental implants are a fantastic option for anyone who wants a lasting, healthy smile. They’re durable and easy to care for. Why not talk to your dentist to learn more about how you can once again have a full set of teeth?

About the Author

Dr. Gary Sherman is your experienced dental professional in Garden City. He is knowledgeable about dental implants and other types of restorative dentistry, and he is happy to address any questions or concerns that his patients have. If you want to learn more about how you can get your best possible smile, contact Dr. Sherman and the rest of the team at Franklin Avenue Dental at 516-538-1100.

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