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Dentist in Garden City Places Tooth-colored Fillings

November 23, 2016

Dentist in Garden City places white fillings

Metal fillings can mar the appearance of your smile. Also, patients and dentists in Garden City and across the country are concerned about the safety of these traditional restorations.Your alternative is repair with tooth-colored fillings which look natural and are strong and long-lasting. Should you replace metal fillings? At Franklin Avenue Dental Care, Dr. Gary Sherman runs a metal-free practice. He can tell you how amalgam fillings and white fillings differ.

You Can Like Your Smile

Restorative dentistry has taken a sharp turn toward cosmetic dentistry with the advent of tooth-colored fillings. A mixture of glass and acrylic, white composite resin fillings are durable and blend right in with your natural tooth enamel. Plus, the process requires less enamel removal than placement of metal fillings. Patients at Franklin Avenue Dental Care report they smile more often and more confidently with these white restorations.

How Dr. Sherman Places a White Filling

Dr. Gary Sherman typically uses local anesthesia to numb the area around the tooth which has a cavity, and then he removes the decayed portion with a high-speed drill. Unlike the amalgam filling treatment, the cosmetic dentist in Garden City takes out less healthy enamel surrounding the cavity. That’s because composite resin filling material bonds right to healthy tooth structure. Metal fillings, however, rest within the prepared site the way asphalt fills a hole on the highway.

The dentist layers the tooth-colored material into the tooth, hardening each one with a special curing light. This stabilizes the bond between the tooth and the filling.  Dr. Sherman shapes and polishes the material to ensure proper bite and configuration. Teeth restored with composite resin stay strong and functional for up to 15 years and have less sensitivity to hot and cold than teeth restored with amalgam.

In summary, metal fillings are dark and obvious, make teeth sensitive to hot and cold and require extensive enamel removal around the cavity. Also, people have safety concerns about amalgam  because of its metal alloy content.

Conversely, composite resin fillings are truly seamless, match enamel in color and texture and contain no metal. They may restore teeth most anywhere in the mouth and are extremely durable.

Should You Replace Old Fillings?

Some people with multiple metal fillings, especially in the front of their mouths, want to  refinish their smiles with tooth-colored fillings. To do this, the dentist can replace a section of the mouth at a time, beginning with the front teeth.

Other reasons to change out metal fillings for composite resin are:

  • A metal filling is fractured.
  • Saliva and food are leaking into and around a filling, accumulating harmful oral bacteria.
  • The metal filling is very old.

Can We Help You?

Discuss your restorative dentistry options with Dr. Gary Sherman. He has great information on metal and tooth-colored fillings. Contact Franklin Avenue Dental Care for a restorative dentistry consultation, and get your questions answered.

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