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Your Dentist Shares 6 Helpful Tips For Having a Safe and Happy Halloween

October 9, 2018

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Halloween pumpkins and candy.With Halloween upon us, it’s time for your little ghosts and goblins to hit the streets in search of candy. While Halloween brings with it lots of excitement, what’s not so fun is the problems it can cause for your family’s oral health, including tooth decay, cavities, and fractures to teeth. A dentist has some helpful tips parents should consider so families can have a fun and safe Halloween.

Eat Candy After Meals

Don’t treat candy as a snack, but rather eat your treats with meals. Because your mouth produces the most saliva while you’re eating, it helps to clear it of excess food particles and candy debris.

Chew Sugar-Free Gum

When you chew sugar-free gum after meals, it helps to keep the saliva flowing that neutralizes acids and washes away debris. Sugarless gum also makes a great treat to hand out for Halloween.

Drink More Water

Water keeps your body hydrated and your mouth moist while also helping to eliminate extra food and candy particles that tend to stick around in your mouth after eating meals or candy.

Choose Your Treats Wisely

There are certain candies to watch out for because they cause more damage to your teeth than others. Some of the worst culprits are:

  • Sticky candies because they cling to your teeth and “stick” around longer than they should.
  • Hard candies are a double problem for teeth because biting or chewing on them can cause a crack or fracture, while sucking on them gives sugar a longer opportunity to decay your teeth.
  • Sour candy is also a double whammy for your teeth because it is both sugary and acidic.

Chocolate lovers can rejoice because it is your best choice. Dark chocolate is even better because it has less sugar than milk chocolate.

Consider Donating Your Candy to Those in Need

Make a plan ahead of time with your family to donate your Halloween candy to a good cause. Many dentists offer a candy take-back program, and there are also other organizations that send candy overseas to military troops.

Have each member of your family choose a few pieces of their favorite candies – then donate the rest.

Stick to Your Normal Hygiene Routine

Brushing at least twice each day and flossing at least once are critical for maintaining your oral health and protecting against tooth decay. Be sure to continue your normal routine during holidays because it will help eliminate the bacteria, sugar, and acids from your mouth that cause decay.

If you have more questions about how to have a safe and fun Halloween with your family, contact your dentist for more information.

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