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Hey Doc – Why are my gums bleeding?

August 15, 2014

Filed under: Long Island Dentistry — drsherman @ 8:20 pm

Hello – Dr. Sherman here – I hope you are enjoying your summer! We certainly deserved a nice one after the icy winter we had this year. At Franklin Avenue Dental Care we are excited to bring you my new dental health e-newsletter entitled “The Honest Tooth”, where we will be happy to answer your most pressing concerns and questions. There are many exciting things happening in dentistry that will affect the choices you have in your treatment with us. I will share these things with you regularly in our website blog and in our e-newsletter so that you can stay on top of our changing world with us.

They’re all equally important to address! SO… Here’s a list of possibilities to consider.

  1. You’re late for your regular dental hygiene visit!! C’mon- I know we’ve reminded you – but the plaque and tarter returns on a regular basis despite your best efforts to self-treat. WE WANT TO HELP! WE DON”’T WANT YOU TO LOSE YOUR TEETH! Please make your appointment so we can help you to keep your gums healthy.
  2. Your “Healthy Diet” is Slipping a bit. What happened to the fruits and vegetables you said you were going to eat more of when you made that New Year’s Resolution?? Vitamin C is the best for preventing gum inflammation. Milk, cheese and eggs have Vitamin A. These are excellent for healing gum tissue. Vitamin D and Calcium work together to maintain healthy gums and teeth.. Fish oil and magnesium are also beneficial.- A healthy immune system means healthy gums. Try to get back with the program!
  3. You Need To Chill!! – Stress is another big enemy of our immune systems and a cause of bleeding gums. Lisa (our fabulous appointment secretary and Facebook guru), will tell you to go to Long Beach and walk or ride the boardwalk. Look at the ocean – calm your nerves regularly. We want to see your happy faces.
  4. It’s nice to share but….. NOT eating utensils and toothbrushes. You guessed it- the bad bacteria in our mouths can be contagious. I like that you want to share but I’m afraid this is where you need to draw the line. If you know your loved one has gum disease then sharing these things is not a good idea. The components of gum disease can be transferred in the saliva. So…. Use your own.
  5. Time to Quit! Cigarette smoke causes inflammation and the build-up of plaque and tarter. Smoking wreaks havoc on your gums. Please try to quit. It’s not good for your heart and lungs either, so make everyone around you happier and stop smoking.
  6. Three more quick onee:

Genetics. – could be contributing factor.

Some Medications – cause gums to bleed or dry mouth. Review your meds with Dr. Sherman at your next appointment.

You’re Pregnant. – Your gums will tend to bleed more during pregnancy. SO…….definitely come for your dental cleaning during your pregnancy – This will reduce the chances of a dental emergency also and allow you to enjoy this special time more!

Thanks for reading our blogs and e-newsletter!! We can’t wait to see you! And Thank You all for your kind referrals… we so appreciate it. Please forward this e-newsletter to a friend or family member!

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