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What do they mean by “Teeth in a Day”?

January 23, 2016

Filed under: Long Island Dentistry — drsherman @ 7:51 pm

For patients who are wearing a denture, or more often, patients who have been advised that they have teeth that are becoming loose or “failing”, there is a solution now available in our practice for most to attain fixed teeth again with the use of today’s advancing dental technology. This procedure or more precisely, this “set of procedures” has many names in advertisements, webpages, and on-line articles. It has been called “teeth-in-a-day”, “all-on-four”, “Hybrid” denture, and other names.

The fact is that the procedure is remarkable and even life-changing, but is certainly not done in one day. What can be done in one day, is the implants used in the procedure can be placed and fixed teeth attached (in the form of a temporary set of teeth) in one (long) treatment day. There are however, a number of  preparatory steps which must be taken in leading up to the “magic day”.  This should not deter you, the patient from seeking to have this marvelous procedure, as it is truly life-changing. I just feel that I would not want you to be misled by the names given to the procedure. I think it would be better just to know that in most cases, you can indeed have teeth again that are not removed by you the patient to clean or at the end of the day. This procedure DOES involve having several diagnostic steps, very often a denture or temporary bridge of some kind, implants placed, and  a temporary “fixed” bridge, before the final bridge is placed.

For those who have had this procedure done, it is indeed life-changing. If you would like more information about this procedure, please call our office (516-538-1100) and we can arrange a consultation to answer your questions and show you a little more about this procedure.

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