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Cosmetic Smile Lift

Here at Franklin Avenue Dental Care, we offer a variety of solutions to improve your smile.

With the highly advanced technology from BIOLASE, our dentist is able to perform procedures without causing trauma to the teeth, and at the same time, ensuring precise and effective treatments.

Our dentist is also specially trained to stop the progression of early cavities using pain-free, DRILL FREE DENTISTRY without the need for needles or drilling tools.

Some of the cosmetic dental solutions we offer include PORCELAIN VENEERS, LUMINEERS, IMPLANT RESTORATIONS and TEETH WHITENING. Porcelain veneers and Lumineers are recommended for patients with all types of tooh imperfections such as chipping, cracking or discoloration.

For those who are missing one or several teeth, IMPLANT RESTORATION can provide you with permanent replacement teeth. You can choose from 3 superior dental implant systems: NOBEL, ZIMMER and NEOSS.

INVISALIGN uses invisible aligners that can correct teeth and jaw misalignment problems, and it is suitable for those who do not want to wear traditional braces.

If you want to have a brighter and more attractive smile, consider professional TEETH WHITENING. We provide effective teeth whitening options such as KOR WHITENING and ZOOM TEETH WHITENING which can give you fast and impressive results.

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