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Fluoride is essential for keeping the teeth strong and prevent decay. It is naturally found in the teeth and is also present in eggs, water, fish, tea and meat. But some people may need additional fluoride treatment.

How It Works

Both kids and adults can benefit from fluoride treatments. The procedure is very simple. The patient is given relatively high concentrations of fluoride for and the dentist will clean and then dry the teeth prior to the treatment. Then fluoride will be applied in the form of foam, varnish or gel. It is painted onto the teeth enamel although in some cases, it will be poured into a mouthguard-like tray. After the treatment, you should not drink or eat for at least 30 minutes.

You may also be required to use tooth paste that contains fluoride twice a day, especially at night before going to bed.

To find out if you or your child can benefit from fluoride treatment, please call our office at (516) 825-3247.