Oral Cancer Screening

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During a routine dental visit, your dentist may perform an oral exam to screen for oral cancer. Your dentist will check all areas in your mouth for sores and red or white patches.

Many people have been found to have abnormal sores inside their mouths but these are often non-cancerous. Once a sore is found, your dentist will recommend a biopsy. Early detection of mouth cancer means there’s a high chance of a cure.

Who Needs Oral Cancer Screening?

The screening is beneficial for everyone. However, there are those who have a high risk of mouth cancer, and doctors encourage them to undergo screenings regularly:

  • Individuals who smoke.
  • Those who often drink alcohol.
  • And those who have had a previous oral cancer diagnosis.

Your dentist can also educate you about the different ways you can lower your risk of oral cancer.

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