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Mouth guards are devices that you wear over your teeth to protect them from injury and damage. There are several types available: 

Athletic guard

This mouth guard is used by people who enjoy contact sports such as lacrosse, rugby and football. Also known as sports guards, you can purchase this in stores (boil and bite type) however for better comfort, less bulkiness and added cushioning, you can ask your dentist for a custom designed athletic guard. 

Night guard 

This type of mouth guard is used by individuals who tend to grind their teeth at night. It’s comfortable and won’t impede with your breathing when you sleep. Wearing a night guard is very helpful for people with TMJ or those with a habit of teeth grinding. It can eliminate jaw and joint pains in the mouth, and at the same time, protect dental work like implants, bridges and crowns which are very expensive. Night guards also protect the teeth of people wearing braces and other orthodontic devices. Your dentist can make a slim night guard for you if you find regular night guards uncomfortable. The Invisalign night guard, in particular, is an excellent option and can even be worn during the day if you have a habit of clenching or grinding your teeth. This device is invisible so you won’t feel embarrassed wearing it. 

Snore guards 

There are individuals who tend to snore loudly and this often occurs due to the vibration of the soft tissue at the back of the throat. By wearing a snore guard, the lower jaw is repositioned forward, allowing the airway to be opened and make way for the efficient passage of air. This can stop snoring and help you get a more restful sleep. If you think you can benefit from a mouth guard, please call our office at (516) 825-3247 to schedule an appointment.